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REF: 16.400 1,2 & 3 Bedrooms apartments in front of the sea.

For sale Property
88,90 Sq. M 1-2-3 Bedrooms 1-2 Bathrooms 1 Garage Year Built:

An excellent real estate investment that also includes a ten-year rental contract with a strong International Tour Operator, which manages the properties of more than 23,000 private investors, with 7.5 million tourists every year, and only in 2016 did a turnover of 1,400 million euros.

Why Spain and The Coast of the Sun ?.

Spain and the nation with the strongest economic growth in the euro area. Since 2014, its GDP has doubled in the European Union, achieving a GDP of + 3.2% in 2015, and the figure in 2016.

Spain is within 2 hours of direct flights from many Italian cities. It is a country that for its security, climate, culture, price level, and infrastructure, and has become the world’s second-largest tourist power. In 2015 it made 68 million tourists, in 2016 it managed to reach another record, with 75.6 million tourists and for this 2018 is expected to surpass 80 million. And for 10 years he makes a record every year. And if so many people choose it as a destination for your holidays and for these reasons. Many of these tourists buy a house for their holidays and rent it for the rest of the year, having a great income, and also enjoying a strong appreciation of the price of their property, given the strong demand that is there which will continue for the next 5 years. A great combination: Security, Strong Guaranteed Reward and Revaluation. All managed by a team of professionals, specialized in the Italian customer, and in its needs.

What and our property proposal for you?

As experts in the industry we have many proposals ready for our customers, builders and Spanish banks, turn to us to offer their real estate on the Italian market.

For this promotion, we have offered to our customers the purchase of 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments, within a structure built as a country of Andalusian style with squares, gardens, fountains, swimming pools, restaurant, market, parking, etc., with stunning views of the Strait of Gibraltar with the Moroccan mountains on the bottom, and the free beach under the complex, easily reachable to the foot.

This property is located in Manilva, Malaga province, between the Duquesa sports harbor and the exclusive Sotogrande harbor, just 3 km away. Very close to Marbella, and also to the white sandy beaches of Tarifa, Cadiz. 19 km from Gibraltar and 50 minutes from Malaga International Airport, via the highway.

What services does this beautiful complex offer?

Two pools, a 450-square-meter spa and whirlpool, and a swimming pool and heated water.




Convenience store

Car park

Wifi on all the complex.

Games area

The Beach has a beach club with sun loungers and tapas bars.

The apartments are all furnished and ready. They have air conditioning, 1,2 or 3 bedrooms also have triplex apartments, bathrooms, terrace, wifi, tv, etc. All you need to take advantage of the holidays without needing anything.

The Tour Operator also pays ALL ANNUAL COSTS, condominium, water, light, trash grounds, etc. The owner only pays the local property tax, called here IBI, and would be the Italian IMU, which costs 400-500 eur / year depending on the type of property you are buying.

A secure investment, 100% owned by the buyer, in a strong country with its fast growing economy, tourism that records every year at very low prices and with a guaranteed income of 10 years, to be added to the revaluation of the property .

There are different types of retirement according to customer requirements, which start from this 5% and have the opportunity to take advantage of their property in the period from early November to late March (may change a bit according to Easter holidays each year) , and only pay for entry, exit, light, water, etc., 100 eur / week for those from a bedroom.

The customer may also decide to use it at another time, and the Operator will make the calculation of the corresponding rent according to the period he has chosen and established on the lease for 10 years.

An investment in the Costa del Sole, which also serves as a point of support for all of Andalusia and its beautiful cities: Malaga at 1 hour, Granada, Seville 2 hours, Cordoba 2 hours and half, Gibraltar 20 minutes, the beautiful Atlantic beaches of 40 minutes of endless white sand, and also make a leap in Morocco, one hour by boat from the Port of Algeciras.

Lastly inform them that the purchase costs are only 2% of the value of the property. Prices start from 110,858 eur for one-bedroom apartments, 142,385 eur for those of two bedrooms, 199,638 eur for those of 3 rooms bed. There are also triplex.

The purchase procedure is very simple: Deposit 10,000 eur and then notary, within 90 days of the deposit.

Everything is controlled and managed by this International Tour Operator, and with the guarantee of having a group of accountants specializing in the Italian customer and real estate sector, who will always be mindful of everything they may need.





1 Bedrooms apartments from 110.858 € (88,90 built) (77,20 built in + 11,70 terrace)

2 Bedrooms apartments from 177.373 € (120,70 built) (105,00 built in + 15,70 terrace)

3 Bedrooms apartments from 199.638 € (120,60 built) (100,50 built in + 80,10 terrace)

3 Bedrooms apartments/duplex from 259.043 € (158,10 built) (121,40 built in + 36,80 terrace)

There are others apartments in this development with different square meters and prices.

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