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REF: 08.352 Apartments overlooking the sea in Mijas

On sale Property
261,800 €
111,47 Sq. Ft 2-3 Bedrooms 2-3 Bathrooms 1 Garage Year Built:

This new residential in Mijas Costa, located in a unique environment for a new concept of accommodation. An exclusive urbanization with apartments and penthouses of 2 e 3 bedrooms, as well as magnificent and impressive common areas.

It has a strategic position within the Costa del Sol, that allows you to quickly reach all points of interest in the area: approach the beaches of Cabo Pino or Playa Marina in less than 5 minutes and to the fuengirola area in less than 10. Already 30 Minutes, Are: the airport and the capital of Malaga.

Homes combine versatility and comfort with their open and optimized spaces. Examples of this are the kitchens with island, open and integrated with the stay. Bedrooms have direct access to terraces, to enjoy the breeze in moments of rest. In the attics, the terraces are more spacious and have panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea; while the bass has a private garden.

  • All houses have storage room and garage.
  • Kitchen partially equipped with BOSCH appliances.
  • Complete installation of cold air conditioning / heat through ducts with grills in the living room and bedrooms.
  • All bathrooms are equipped with high quality Porcelanosa Grupo toilets and taps.
  • Installation of solar panels for the centralized production of domestic hot water and auxiliary power supply by individual thermos
  • We use high performance materials in sound and thermal insulation offering high comfort inside the houses.
  • Outdoor gym and outdoor track for walking or running.
  • More than 13.000 m2 of green areas and a privileged location in a magical environment.
  • Three outdoor pools. Relaxing pool, social pool or sports pool.
  • Heated indoor pool with steam room and sauna.

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