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We are a truly innovative firm of consultants, specialising in the real- estate sector, and our objective is to offer advice and solutions to those in the marketplace, whether they be Purchasers, Promoters, Financial Organisations, Direct Clients, Investors or Property Managers.

We work with a wide-ranging team of professionals who have ample experience in this sector. We have, in recent years, participated at all stages in the construction and promotion of more than 3,000 properties, obtaining sales, opening new commercial channels, improving costs and adding value each and every step along the way, thereby ensuring client satisfaction whether the client is a promotor or a purchaser.

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We have participated in all links of the market chain, from initial search through to final sale and right through the construction phase in between. We have performed viability and cost studies where required, sourcing professionals and equipment. We have taken responsibility for decoration, for after-sales, for rental where that was the objective, and we have looked after maintenance as well as tackled just about every other challenge you can meet in the property sector.

And because we are innovative, proactive and dynamic, we anticipated and we embraced the changes that have occurred in the market, knowing that we needed to re-think our clients’ needs in this new phase in which the economy finds itself. And so we now design more efficient solutions that ever before!

We are in a process of continuous process improvement, working constantly also on developing our channels of distribution, in order to maintain our reputation as a company whose name is a by-word for excellence.

Because of this we are entrusted with managing real estate portfolios for banks, financial organizations and institutions, as well those of promotors, investors and purchasers.

The Netherlands

We are the ideal partner for the purchasers of first and second residences as well as for investors who seek not only a competitive purchase price and a strong return on investment but very often maintenance and future sale assistance too.

This complete service is what differentiates us from the others in the marketplace. We are much more complete because we are simply always there, at every step of the way, because we believe that consultancy is about completeness, about taking care of the pennies as well as the pounds. The classic real estate company is dying, the market is changing and clients want guarantees at every turn of the process. These are what we give. These are what we stand over.